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SDLG front end loaders lease program snow removal


Lease a new SDLG Front End Loader for Cost Effective Snow Removal


Mother nature is unpredictable. When winter hits, you need reliability.

Because of the seasonal nature of snow removal, you need a front end loader that matches the job — a low-hour loader for low-hour work.

Whether you’re removing snow from parking lots and driveways, or moving loads of salt and sand, our wheel loaders can handle even the most corrosive environment. Built with durability for maximum performance and easy maintenance, we offer different sizes at the lowest prices in the industry to meet your specific needs.


SDLG Front end Loaders Lease Program for Snow Removal

Is your loader tough enough to weather the season’s biggest storms?

“We put the SDLG loaders to the test, moving close to 1,000 tons of salt during the storm. We wouldn’t even attempt this kind of punishing work with a premium loader — but SDLG hits the right balance between performance and affordability.”

– Steve Butkus, crew supervisor for the New Jersey DOT, rented eight SDLG LG948Ls that helped his team tackle Winter Storm Jonas.

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