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Total Cost of Ownership

When purchasing used equipment, consider the total cost of ownership. A new machine may actually save money over the long haul.

SDLG 918F Front End Loader Landscaping Block HandlingAre you in the market for a new front end loader, but can’t decide between new or used? Premium loaders are great when you need additional features and options like telematics reporting to ensure daily operation is efficient and productive. Used loaders are ideal when you’re looking for a lower initial price point.

But there’s another option you may not have considered. Value-brand wheel loaders — like those offered by SDLG — provide far more options and details to consider when choosing between new and used loaders.  Value-priced loaders are solid, well-made pieces of equipment, but they lack the features of premium loaders, which helps keep the price low.

Value brand loaders are perfect for customers with certain needs, such as for seasonal and low-hour applications, work that involves corrosive materials that degrade equipment, or projects that simply don’t require premium features to complete. And because they’re new machines, you get a great warranty up front and significantly decrease the chance of surprise repairs and downtime like you might encounter with a used wheel loader.

If you work in seasonal or low-hour applications, or just don’t need the features of a premium machine, consider SDLG — our low-cost wheel loaders provide a lower total cost of ownership, increased uptime and more return on your investment.